Usit Seating in Cinema / Theater of Connecticut, USA 2016-2019

Column:Cinema Sofa Time:2016-10-07
Model No.: UV-832B (click here for more details)
Project in 2016: Waterbury, CT, USA
Project in 2017: Barkhamsted, CT, USA
Project in 2017: Cambridge, MA, USA
Project in 2019: Torrington, CT, USA
Quantity: Total 2300 seats
Model No.:UV-832B (click here for more details)
Project in 2016:Waterbury, CT, USA
Project in 2017:Barkhamsted, CT, USA
Project in 2017:Cambridge, MA, USA
Project in 2019:Torrington, CT, USA
Quantity:Total 2300 seats
Description:Electrical Recliner; Cinema Recliner; VIP Recliner; Cinema Chair

①Embroidery Numbering   ②Lift-up Armrest   ③Recline Button

CT2 (1).png           
(Photoed from the Cinema in Waterbury, CT)

CT1 (1).png

(Photoed from the Cinema in Cambridge, MA)

Comments from Movie-goers:

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